We Need Volunteers

Want to volunteer some time to this movement? I’m just one mama devoting as much of my time around parenting and other client work.. yes I still have my design and marketing business, Creative Biz Wiz.
I can use all the help I can get to get this platform off the ground. 
Send me an email at info@befreesocial.com if interested!

Here Are Some Ways You Can Help:

  • Share the platform on social media and in emails. Just link to befreesocial.com
  • Let us know about any opportunities to be interviewed about the Be Free Social on podcasts/shows 
  • Connect us with influential people who might like to learn about Be Free and share it with their large audiences
  • Help us find strategic partnerships (aligned businesses and other potential partners who we can cross-promote each other or partner in business.) Maybe that’s you?
  • Admin assistance to help with organization, correspondence, email marketing, social media marketing, simple graphics, simple video edits, scheduling podcasts and other speaking engagements 
  • Backend WordPress web developer to help with website maintenance on the back end of the site
  • Content managers / moderators who can post all the medical freedom education resources onto the site, upload helpful documents, post in the groups and forums to get the engagement going, etc..