How to Get Involved with Be Free Social

There are so many ways to contribute to Be Free. Most importantly is to help us get the word out! If we want to have our own health freedom community that is safe from censorship, then we need to all share about the good platforms. 

You can link the site,, and/or snap a screenshot of your profile page with the domain so people can find you. 

Let’s especially post about it in places where we have private message threads going like Telegram, Messenger, Clubhouse and Signal. Post in the newsfeed about with any questions and tag @jaya or send an email to

We Need Volunteers

Want to volunteer some time to this movement? I’m just one mama devoting as much of my time around parenting and other client work.. yes I still have my design and marketing business, Creative Biz Wiz. I can use all the help I can get to get this platform off the ground. 
Send an email to if interested!

Here Are Some Ways You Can Help:

  • Share the platform on social media and in emails. Just link to
  • Let us know about any opportunities to be interviewed about the Be Free Social on podcasts/shows 
  • Connect us with influential people who might like to learn about Be Free and share it with their large audiences
  • Help us find strategic partnerships (aligned businesses and other potential partners who we can cross-promote each other or partner in business.) Maybe that’s you?
  • Admin assistance to help with organization, correspondence, email marketing, social media marketing, simple graphics, simple video edits, scheduling podcasts and other speaking engagements 
  • Backend WordPress web developer to help with website maintenance on the back end of the site
  • Content managers / moderators who can post all the medical freedom education resources onto the site, upload helpful documents, post in the groups and forums to get the engagement going, etc.
  • Help us with our merchandise
  • Filming and editing of marketing and outreach videos
  • Legal advice helping us edit our user agreement, terms & conditions and privacy policy.

Become a Star!

Would you like to be featured in this community of your peers? Be experienced as the expert that you are? We are looking for contributors!

Can you write? Do you love sharing your wisdom on videos? Have a podcast you want featured?

We would love any or all. We want to build this community up to be an incredible resource of information. 

Right now, while we are in our building phase, we are offering this featured expert opportunity for FREE. Later it will be a paid option. See HERE for the upcoming paid membership details.

You will be featured on the blog and have your own group. When you post an article or video we will share it with the whole community!

Email for more info. 

Join a Membership

We have a membership option for everyone! Weather you want exclusive content, would like to host your own courses on our platform, or have your own featured shop and products… Or do it all! We have a plan for you.