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It's Time to Be Free!

Social Media With A Mission! We need an uncensored place to share vital information and organize the health freedom movement. HERE IT IS… We are growing RAPIDLY! It’s free to join. Come have some fun with us! Post and comment so we can grow our community hub. Also, consider donating or join a recurring membership plan below so we can keep this going. And SHARE SHARE SHARE with your friends!

Be Free Social has been rebranded from the original name of

Short Intro Video

Be Free Social has been rebranded from the original name of Freed Media mentioned here. Membership has grown tremendously since filming this video…

Why Be Free vs. the Other New Platforms?

People are leaving Facebook and Twitter in droves! What makes Be Free so special? 

Be Free is:

  • Truly uncensored
  • Securely hosted offshore with extreme security measures taken to safeguard the site.
  • Easy to navigate
  • Made by a techie mom in the movement you can trust
  • Unbought! We don’t have big corporate donors and pharma will NEVER touch us
  • Welcoming of all people, no matter your race, religion, political ideology, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Really well organized and curated groups (not thousands of overwhelming & redundant options like other platforms)
  • Regional groups set up to organize campaigns and rallies locally
  • Organized discussion forums to keep track of important topics
  • Opportunities to be an influencer in a focused, niched community of your peers
  • Opportunities to make money by teaching courses and selling your products and services 

Features & Roadmap

Click the triangle toggle to read more about each feature.

Social Media Site

Similar to Facebook or Twitter

Similar to Facebook

Groups are organized by group type & have topic discussion forum topics. Includes regional groups & forums. Great for organizing events and local legislation action campaigns.

User-uploaded documents. Site-wide and in-group archives for better organization. Great for vaccine education, healing protocols, state and national laws.

Have an event page for your online or in person event here, with no fear of censorship or snitches!

Blog articles with healing protocols, constitutional rights info, vaccine education, etc! – Ask @Jaya about becoming a featured blog author here on the site!​

We are setting up live streaming from a safe uncensored platform. Video uploads will be ready mid 2021 – COMING SOON

Become a Be Free affiliate and make money on paid membership sales! – COMING SOON

Phone Apps

All of this amazing functionality in a mobile app available at the Google Play and Apple App Stores! – IN PROGRESS, ready 2nd Q of 2021

Online Course Platform

Take free and/or paid educational courses from teachers in our community. – COMING SOON

Teach your own courses, hosted here in our safe, engaged community! – COMING SOON

(this will be a paid membership option.)

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Purchase classes, physical products, sessions, films and more in our multi-vendor marketplace! (similar to Etsy or eBay) – COMING SOON

Sell your classes, physical products, sessions, films and more in our multi-vendor marketplace! – COMING SOON

(this will be a paid membership option.)

About the Creator

Get Involved!

We need engaged user content. We also need help organizing and creating more groups and forums. You’ll be getting in at the beginning and be an influencer of our community! And as always, please SHARE SHARE SHARE!